Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Night Walker.

In this article, “Night Walker “, by Brent Staples argues that it is difficult to live as a black man in the United States. He tells us that he feel shocked, surprise, embarrassed and alienated when people fear him. He also adds that  he never comfortable especially when people cross to the outside of the street of the street instead of walking by him. Finally, he learned how to present himself as a non-aggressive person by whistling Beethoven and Vivaldi melodies. I agree that is more difficult to live as a black man in United States because of the racisms, stereotypes and favoritism.

Racism is one big problem in the United States which affects a lot of black people. A lot of people think black people are the cause of trouble for example:  murders, street fights, gangs etc. Many people in the United States denied that there is racism in their country but they are wrong. It is not impossible that black people would try to rebel against the one who are racist but not every black man is the same.We should try to eliminate the racism that live in our world. Without racism this world could be considered perfect with less violence, less rebellions and people would be finally tread as equal not discriminate in any way. We should also considered stereotypes as a other big problem.

Stereotypes generalized attributes and descriptions about others. In America, people often have many stereotypes about black people. We tend to always put black people in the lowest class. Some people think that black people always have something to do with fight or anything including violence but this way of thinking is wrong. I’m sure we should modify our way of thinking and realized that most of the stereotypes aren’t true. We should take that in consideration and try to not believe in those stereotypes.

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