Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stop The Pop

In “Stop the pop”, Eric Schlosser shows us that fast foods are terribly notorious for us and should be banned from our schools. Fast food is a major cause of a lot of problems to students, such as obesity, eating disorders so on and so forth. Mr. Schlosser argues that fast foods should be banned from schools, just to avoid many problems and for the good of our student’s health. We should be worried about the health of our students before anything else. Without any doubt, we must eliminated fast foods in schools in order to live in a better environment with healthy and no obesity problems. First, we should look at how students are getting more and more obese in schools. Then, we should look at how children have problems when they drink too much soda such as Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and Dr Pepper etc. Finally, look at the techniques and devices that Mr. Schlosser uses in his text.

First of all, eliminating such food in schools would be mandatory because the health of students is in great danger. If they continue to only eat fast food they might encounter some health problems and develop heart diseases. In addition, a lot of sugar in the blood can cause diabetes and having too much cholesterol is very unhealthy for the heart. Drinking to much Coca-Cola would, without any doubt cause diabetes, considering the amount of sugar there is in one can. According to Mr.Schlosser,” Each can contains the equivalent of about ten teaspoons of sugar.” This tells us that there is a lot of sugar in one of these soda cans. We must tell our kids how bad a soda can be for them if they drink too much. All sodas contain a lot of caffeine, the same caffeine that adults drink every day when they have a coffee. This drug can disturb your sleeping habits can cause headaches, reduce motor coordination and even cause dizziness.

At this time, we know how fast foods are bad for students and for everyone surrounding them. Many people don’t see the many effects that fast foods cause on our bodies. Most of the fast foods contain a lot of fat and sugar which can get us addicted. According to Mr.Schlosser, Kellogg’s mention that:”Their cereals are low in fat. It failed to mention that many of Kellogg’s cereals are also high on sugar”. If the students don’t have access to fast food in schools they wouldn’t eat it as often. Certainly, we must do something to help our students to get into a better shape and be more attentive in class. There is only one solution which is to eliminate fast food from our schools or integrate healthier eating habits. There is no doubt, that the fast food causes all those problems but why is it still so present? Children need a environment where they can eat healthy and fell better about themselves. The four main groups should be taught in schools more often and more precisely. Kids theses days are not getting enough of fibers, vegetables, fruits, milk products and finally meat. In addition, we should also tell them how many portions are recommended to eat daily.

Eric Schlosser uses techniques to develop his ideas in ‘’ Stop the Pop’’, such as examples to go across his point of view “Eliminate fast food in schools”. We learn from Stop the Pop that Inuit’s Eskimos are losing their teeth because they drink to much Coca-Cola. Also, he tell us that the Yupik culture have been disturbed since fast food appeared in their hometown. Their whole way of living changed and some of there traditions were totally banished.  “Today most of the families in Kasigluk have cable television. They have a lot of spare time to watch TV. About half of the village’s adults are unemployed. The opening of large fisheries nearby has made it harder for the Yupik to catch fish in the Johnson river”.  

In conclusion, fast foods in schools are generally very bad and cause a lot of problems; we should, by all costs, get ride of them. We should think smarter and try to improve our health and ways of living and help our students, do the same. In other words, by eliminating fast foods we create a safe environment where the children are getting better marks, getting in a better shape and they pay more attention in class. What kind of future do we want for our children? The choice is left to you.

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